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systems network professional is a information technology company with a proven methodology and significant experience that translates into meeting deadlines and negotiated budgets.

SYSNETPRO has its headquarters in the cities of Washington, Douala and Kinshasa. We have over 15 years of experience providing a wide range of specialist service work.

A high-quality solutions for a successful business resulting in easy full-service, flexible to your company’s size and needs.

We Offer smooth working solutions to your personnel in every situation. Transform the complicated to simple with us – and make your work easier!

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             SYSNETPRO, company providing services in the field of information and communication technologies ICT (security, computer and telecommunication networks, data center and video surveillance) through electricity (inverter, generator and solar panels) and automation industrial SYSNETPRO offers tailor-made solutions in optical products (sales and installation of optical fiber and accessories), electricity (design and production of industrial and tertiary electrical installations), sale and installation of CISCO equipment, IT consultant, and in the design and installation of computer data centres.




has a team of highly qualified technicians and engineers whose basic knowledge is constantly upgraded by the training offered by its various partners on the one hand and whose particularity is to be able to carry out projects in deadlines on the other hand the main driving force of this new form of expertise essential to the mastery of infrastructures and the appropriate development of human capital in africa and particularly in the sub-regions of central and west africa.

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  •  support companies in the evaluation of the performance of their technological infrastructures and in the development of needs adapted to their environment.
  • assist companies in the planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance of technological infrastructure solutions adapted to their fields of activity.
  • support companies in the management of their projects and in the development of technological and managerial skills in their human capital.



  • Support companies in the evaluation of the performance of their infrastructure
  • A team of experienced and certified experts
  • A customer-oriented culture
  • Our know-how and proven experience in the integration of technological infrastructure solutions
  • A network of national and international partners, leaders in their respective fields


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Technical advice and assistance

As part of our operations and financing, we provide consulting services and technical assistance in all administrative areas to an investment or a loan. the objective is to improve the efficiency and viability of investment activities. this is an important element of the added value of SYSNETPRO. With this in mind, we use specific non-refundable aid to train local staff, obtain specialized services from consulting firms, consultants and experts selected at the end of the competitive bidding process or to finance feasibility and market studies.

project management assistance

we provide you with our competent resources to help you ensure compliance with all contractual commitments vis-à-vis all stakeholders of your infrastructure projects. we ensure the perfect conduct of all project-related activities while ensuring the continuity of services and compliance with safety rules and instructions. we ensure the perfect meditation between the two entities to minimize any conflicts of interest

project management and monitoring

this mission is essential. Done well, it considerably reduces the risk of failure. indeed, the life of a project is not a long calm river. it is rare that everything goes as planned. throughout the production phase, it is necessary to put a little oil in the cogs, or even readjust the mechanical movement. this is one of the keys to the success of the project

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