SYSNETPRO works  with or without the collaboration of your staff to ensure that all the pre-cabling work is completed on-time and on-budget. Installation will be completed to industry standards.

  • Design, installation, maintenance and support
  • Testing and certification
  • Cat6, Cat5, Cat5e and more
  • Fiber optic networking

SYSNETPRO Services can help reduce the workload on your staff by performing these tasks:

  • Unpacking of equipment, Setup and assembly
  • Equipment testing
  • Software installation and removal
  • Notebook, Laptop and desktop systems installation and configuration
  • Server equipment unpacking, inspection, assembly, installation and standard testing

SYSNETPRO can help facilitate the deployment of a wide array of software technologies and hardware equipment.

  • Installs, moves, additions, changes, and upgrades
  • Hardware and software migrations
  • Equipment Inventory and asset management
  • Equipment removal and disposal
  • Support for software applications

We provide with the installation and deployment of video surveillance and alarm systems 

  • wireless Alarm systems 
  • CCTV Camera systems 
  • IP camera systems 
  • Hybrid systems 
  • WI-FI Cameras 
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